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Jann's Amazing Transformation!

Flynn Fitness… May I suggest if you put in the effort, truly listen and follow Andrew Flynn’s transformation program, there is no way you won’t succeed! At 43 I lost 45lbs and transformed not only my shape physically but also mentally beyond anything I thought possible! 

If you want to a real change, a real TRANSFORMATION, Andrew Flynn can absolutely help you with that! You years later, I can absolutely attest to it!

- Jann

I understand what it’s like to struggle with weight and how difficult it is to break the addictions of excessive eating and lack of motivation. I have developed
my transformation program based on my own experiences and the ability to relate to the struggles of weight loss. I’m confident I can help you finally make that change.

Let's Do This Together!



For over 18 years, Andrew Flynn has dedicated himself to fitness and his Transformation Program.

Andrew has helped hundreds of happy clients achieve successful, life altering transformations they didn’t think were possible! Andrew himself has struggled with weight which has allowed him to relate and connect with his clients and to develop a program through his experiences.

Andrews’s motto is if he can
do it, anyone can and he wants
to help show you the way.

Andrew will work with you one-on-one to customize a program suited for you.


Leigh Coughlan aka Mrs. FlynnFitness. She is the other half of Flynn Fitness but you might recognize her as an ER nurse at Joseph Brant Hospital.

Leigh has been a fitness enthusiast her whole life and comes from an athletic background. Both her parents were Olympians, notably her mother, Angela Coughlan of Burlington, who had a pool built and named after her beside MM Robinson high school.

Through her background, including a degree in human biology, Leigh is proficient in creating programs for those with injuries or ailments. 

She is extremely passionate about her own fitness and health and this comes across in her desire and love in helping others in their fitness journeys. 

She is a firm believer in preventative medicine, being an active participant in all aspects of your own mental and physical health, so you don’t need to end up seeing her at the emergency department.


Andrew & Leigh

As a busy couple, business owners and parents of 4..we understand how difficult it is to find the time. 

We have created our program with you in mind and a solution for all the busy couples of Burlington to finally get fit.

The Focus is on You!

I personally design each and every Transformation Program and work with and support each client
throughout their entire transformation.

4 key components essential to every successful transformation:









A New You Starts Now!

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Flynn Fitness now open in our new location at the Burlington Heights Plaza. We look forward to providing a personal training experience like no other, in the city of Burlington.


Samantha Van DusenSamantha Van Dusen
16:49 16 Dec 23
When you are a member at Flynn fitness you don't just feel like a number but like you are a person. You achieving your goals is as important to Andrew as it is for you. He holds you accountable and is so incredibly supportive. I have missed my time at Flynn fitness as I have never been able to find a place that was so welcoming and supportive of all body types. A place that made me excited to better myself and a place that kept me motivated to continue on my fitness journey.
Shawn MonaghanShawn Monaghan
15:50 15 Dec 23
When I met Andrew I was a 260lb chubber that didn’t think I could ever make it in a healthier world .. his knowledge and experience and his passion and time he took outta his day to chat with me and the encouragement I experienced and the path I should take and best way to make it work for my lifestyle lead me 10 year later to be in the best shape of my life .. I don’t think I ever told him about the 10 minutes we chatted, changed my holeOutlook and thought process into training to my abilities which has lead me to such success .. if I can be that influenced in ten minute that has lead me into becoming a nutrition coach today and in the best shape of my life at 45 .. imagine what he could do to anyone who’s looking to advance there health and body mind and fitness following him over the years advance me even further … his programs , knowledge , experience and his positivity will be a level up from the rest FLYNN fitness gets a 1000Percent recommendation bye me .. .. thanks Andrew for your time way back 11 years ago you may not remember it as I was a chubbier lost sole but it changed my life and I’ll never look back .. congratulations on your new adventure!! Shawny Monaghan .. aka Spoonies
paul molto bf200paul molto bf200
03:30 15 Dec 23
17 years ago I did a 3 month/ 4x per week workout program with Andrew. I was motivated to accomplish goals that I never thought possible. Andrew is the most amazing coach you could ask. At 65 I'm still using techniques I learned from back then . Andrew is truly an inspiration.When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
cameron brockcameron brock
01:46 15 Dec 23
I have known Andrew for around 15 years now. Starting with one on one personal training.Over the years I have utilized his knowledge of fitness and nutrition to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.More recently my wife and I did a 100 day challenge followed by online training with Andrew and Leigh.They are extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional people and I highly recommend their services!
Suzanne SotoSuzanne Soto
21:37 14 Dec 23
Andrew Flynn is the best personal trainer I've ever had! He's extremely professional, knowledgeable, supportive and kind. I would highly recommend him to anyone starting a fitness program as he gets results!
Lisa DolleryLisa Dollery
16:33 22 Nov 23
Thanks to Andrew for his support and guidance while I trained with him. During my time under the Flynn Fitness roof I had never been healthier, happier or more comfortable in my own skin. Although Andrew was always humble, without him I would not have been able to achieve what I did. I am forever grateful to him and so pleased he is continuing to do what he does best, make you feel good about yourself even when your not quite feeling it. Do yourself a favour and drop in and find out just how he can help you ! Andrews program works, just follow his lead.
Jan McNamaraJan McNamara
20:07 21 Nov 23
5 STAR ALL AROUND! The whole experience of Andrew Flynn's 100 Day Challenge was LIFE CHANGING, and that is no exaggeration! Will you succeed? If YOU put the work in, there is no way you would not with the support, encouragement, and knowledge shared by Andrew Flynn. I have carried what I have learned from Andrew and the 100 Day Challenge for years now, and still get motivated by some key words of encouragement to push harder and reach farther to succeed. I 100% recommend Andrew Flynn as a trainer, and the 100 Day Transformation Challenge to everyone!
Louise HollidayLouise Holliday
15:06 18 Nov 23
Andrew of Flynn Fitness is fantastic! His ability to keep you motivated and focused makes every session fun and successful.The workouts and meal plan keeps you on task and able to accomplish goals.Highly recommended.
Carmen SkoretzCarmen Skoretz
16:40 06 Oct 23
I've been exercising with Andrew every week for over a year and have grown a huge amount of physical strength and knowledge about exercise.As a true beginner, personal training with Andrew has changed my outlook and habits about exercise for the better!