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Transformations Testimonials

Andrew R.

“Training with Andrew is simply an awesome experience! As a beginner into the fitness world, my knowledge of fitness, proper lifting and focused muscle movement was limited. Andrew worked with me to provide all the tools I needed to succeed. Using his flexible, yet specific meal plans and training programs, in just a short period of time, I was able to lose 30lbs!! I lost inches off my waist, reduced my BF and got back self confidence I was lacking. Thanks to Andrew’s positive outlook and constant motivation, it was easy to always keep progressing forward towards my goals.”

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Andrew and the Flynn Fitness Transformation program is great. The best part is the support system he has in place. Andrew makes you feel like your success is his success and it is just as important to him as it is for you. It’s a huge change and he makes it easy by helping guide you through it all. The meal planning and program itself is very easy to follow and will set you up for success. You will see and feel results quickly and it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

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I worked with Andrew during my 100 day challenge in Jan 2013. His program changed my life. Andrew worked with me closely throughout the 100 days and drove
me forward with his encouragement. He let me lean on him on some down days and quickly picked me up by boosting my spirits, and with that I believe we developed a friendship. My challenge was very successful losing 45 pounds in 100 days. I was so proud of myself and couldn’t have done it without Andrew.

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Andrew Flynn has a personality and desire to help people achieve results. I experienced this in 2014 when I took part in the Flynn Fitness Transformation Program. Andrew helped me to achieve close to a 50lb weight loss. I’ve learned a new way to exercise and to strengthen my body along with the fun and challenge weight strengthening brings. I will always be grateful for what Andrew taught me.

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