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I truly believe in the 100 Day Transformation Program and the extent of the results that can come from doing this. The best way to fully illustrate this is to do it myself. I will be documenting my journey through my tik tok channel – Follow me here 

The next 100 days, I will be creating and executing my own 100 day Transformation Program to show what it is all about. Although Flynn Fitness has been around since 2005, it was on hiatus for the last few years. In recent months, I made the switch to once again focus full time on Flynn Fitness & I could not be happier. I am also trying to re-establish myself in a new city.

I feel that by doing my own 100 Day Challenge, it will be used as a tool to elevate myself mentally, physically and professionally.

Throughout the next 100 days, I am looking to achieve structure and consistency that will translate to many areas that will benefit my life. My goals are focused around mobility and 10,000 steps per day and ensuring they are done each day. I eat quite healthy but this 100 days I will be doing strict intermittent fasting on 16/8. This will eliminate excess snacking and making sure I am consistent with my daily macros

I am 45 and in good shape but I really want to lead by example and show what is possible, even beyond the age of 40, when it is done properly.

Hopefully those who follow my journey can see first hand how the program works and the results it can provide.


Follow & Watch my 100 Day Transformation. Im doing this for accountability & social proof to show how my 100 Day Transformation Program works. Tomorrow is Day 1/100 LFG#greenscreenvideo

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